Snapchat Meets Dating With New On-Demand Group Dating App


The online dating space is currently dominated by one-on-one dating services, with apps like Tinder and Happn ruling the roost amongst younger demographics.

However there have been a growing number of group dating apps being released, such as London-based Double, that are looking to shake up the current digital dating landscape.

Another new entrant is INSTNT, a UK-based app that wants to make it even easier to arrange group dates, using an on-demand style that is inspired by Snapchat.

When groups of friends are hanging out together, you take a “real time” selfie of you and your friends, and upload it to the app.

You then pinpoint the location you are hanging out at, and your selfie will become visible to those that are nearby.

After this, you then swipe through your potential matches, and when you mutually match with another group, can arrange to meet up.

INSTNT said it wants to overcome a number of problems with online dating, by avoiding inaccurate profile photos and awkward first dates, involving friends, and injecting some fun back into dating.

instnt app

Speaking about the reason they created the app, the co-­founder of INSTNT, Chris Seddon said: “In a growing culture of impatience more and more of us are heading online for the convenience factor, but online dating rarely lives up to expectation.

“INSTNT was born after observing the many flaws in one-­on­â€one dating and the negative preconceptions that come with it, including endless swiping, unimaginative messaging and not to mention awkward first dates.

“As a result, we have developed an app that is essentially a hybrid of Snapchat and Tinder, cutting out the pressure of one-­on­â€one dating and providing a platform for relaxed dating scenarios amongst friends.

“INSTNT promotes spontaneity and strength in numbers, it multiplies your chances of having fun, and brings the excitement back to dating.”

The app will also include a feature that recommends restaurants and bars within a group’s selected area, and will allow venues to promote discounts and offers to its users.

Venues can get the top listings by paying a premium price.

The app will be available to download for free on iPhone in November.

For more information, check out its official site here.