Hashsnap Builds Profiles Using Daily Themes, Launches In US Colleges


Hashsnap is a new dating startup that aims to build dynamic profiles using daily themes and authentic snaps, and it has recently debuted on two US campuses.

The Israeli company has released the app at two Arizona colleges – the University of Arizona and Arizona State University. 

Created by Dori Yona, Oded Vakrat and Ilan Zerbib, Hashsnap app won first place at the 2014 YourStartApp competition at Google’s Tel Aviv campus.

We spoke to Yona after their US launch, who explained why Hashsnap is unique in the dating landscape:

“Every day there is a new daily theme. You can only upload snaps live through the app’s camera to these daily themes. When you take a snap, the daily theme is embedded into the photo. This helps expose the user’s personality and daily life. By doing this, we have reinvented the dating profile.”

The themes are designed to make Hashsnap users post live updates about their day-to-day life, just as they would on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 14.50.12Hashsnap users can then anonymously like each other’s profiles, and if two users like one another, they are connected.

When singles have been matched together, they can chat in-app and stay up-to-date with new snaps.

Daily themes that have already been used on the Arizona campuses include #HiddenTalent, #ShamelessSelfie, #INeedCaffeine and #LoveThisClass.

During their launch, Hashsnap handed out free Starbucks coffees on the UA campus when the daily theme was #INeedCaffeine.

When we interviewed Yona last year, he said the themes are intended to encourage people to broadcast their personality, to create a more rounded dating profile:

“I would never, for example, upload a picture of me sweating after a jog on the beach to a dating app. If I write in my profile that I love fitness, chances are people won’t believe me. But if the daily Hashsnap is “FreshAir”, then it is legitimate to upload a pic of me doing so, and show that I love running.”hashsnaplaunch


The app also recently added a feature called Reactions – where singles can react to snaps other people have uploaded – an Explore the Globe option, and a function that sends your match’s snaps directly to your chat, as if they sent it straight to you.

Hashsnap have also been working with college reps to build the app’s presence on campus, and held an exclusive launch party for Hashsnap users at ASU.

Regarding the reaction from students, Yona said: “So far the reactions have been amazing. We are getting feedback from our users and seeing a very high engagement rate. We are also taking every suggestion into consideration and working overtime to improve the product in order to give our users the best experience possible.”

The team plan to launch in a few more locations in the US next month, and will be introducing some new features, which include an improved matching system, a new presentation for snaps, and the option to be more creative with the daily pictures.

The company is currently split between the US and Tel Aviv, with the marketing and social team working full time in America, and the product and programming based in Israel.

Download the app here, and check out their ASU launch party video below: