65% Of Women Have Dated Younger Men Finds Plenty Of Fish Study

Dated Younger Men
A survey by Plenty of Fish has revealed that a huge 65% of women have dated a younger man.

The survey, which took results from 500 women aged 40-60 across the US, found the majority of women (65%) had dated a younger man.

In terms of specific figures, just 7% of women who said yes to having dated someone younger had been with a man 20+ years below their age.

This figure is almost half the number of those who said they were happy to be with someone 15-20 years their junior (13%).

And perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of women  (56%) said their younger date was around 7-10 years younger, with 24% saying they were 10-15 years below their age.

Dated Younger Men
Women were also asked why they thought they were more attracted to younger men, and interestingly 18% couldn’t name any benefits at all.

This was compared to 13% who said there was “less baggage”, 8% noting there was “less pressure to settle down” and 24% stating other, which included reasons like “better health and appearance”, “age is just a number, we connected”, and “a younger man has more energy.”

However despite this, 8% of women surveyed said they would never date a younger man.

Dated Younger Men
Plenty of Fish also wanted to find out where women were actively seeking younger men by looking at messaging behaviour amongst users.

The dating company then whittled these results down to the “Top 10 List Of Cougar Towns”, half of which were found to be located in Texas.

See the full list below:

  1. San Antonio – Texas
  2. Houston – Texas
  3. Las Vegas – Nevada
  4. Phoenix – Arizona
  5. Atlanta – Georgia
  6. Jacksonville – Florida
  7. Dallas – Texas
  8. Fort Worth – Texas
  9. Los Angeles – California
  10. El Paso – Texas

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