80% Unsatisfied with Their Sex lives

It’s no wonder so many people are on dating sites seeking romantic encounters and seeking satisfaction. A new survey by LoveHoney, the sex toy manufacturer, has shown just 20 per cent of people are satisfied with their sex lives. 

The survey interviewed over 1,000 sexually active people, and while there was no breakdown of those in-long term relationships compared to singles, the results did show differences between age and gender. First the good news: it seems as we get older, the more likely we are to become satisfied with our sex lives. Let’s hope that is because we become more comfortable with ourselves, not that we simply lose interest. For women, the levels of dis-satisfaction are noticeably lower than men, who sat at around 26 per cent, while just 17 per cent of women said they were happy with their sex lives.

Love Honey’s sex and relationship expert, Christine Rafe, outlined why it could be very important for people to turn the situation round.:

“There is some interesting research that links sexual fulfillment with a higher quality of life, more satisfying relationships, higher self-confidence as well as improved physical health. Various studies have also found links between sexual activity and satisfaction to better immunity, lower blood pressure and cardiovascular health.”

Sadly, the main reason provided for people not being satisfied with their sex lives comes not from issues with their partners, but internal concerns, and body consciousness. Low body confidence was provided as a reason for low satisfaction in the boudoir a quarter of the time in the survey.

While not the be all and end all to life or dating, sex is obviously a hugely important part of the human experience – whether you’re the type of person who talks about it a lot or not at all. We all deserve to be comfortable in and explore our sexuality. That’s the mission of Love Honey, and naturally one of the goals of many who are on dating apps and platforms too.

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