90% Of Millennials Asked Said They Would Enjoy Playing Matchmaker For A Friend Online


According to recent research, 90% of millennials asked said they would enjoy playing matchmaker for their friends.

Conducted by matchmaking app Wingman, the “Assisted Romance Study” looks into “trends in romance, dating and collaboration among millennials”.

According to the results, the majority of people asked (90%) said they would like to play matchmaker for their friends.

Nearly three quarters of those who were actively dating said they would let their friends search for potential dates online on their behalf.

Almost 50% of those surveyed said they were “frustrated” by bad online dating experiences or the “hookup culture” that is often associated with the industry.

Wingman founder Tina Wilson said: “A large majority of the people we spoke to at length felt that they knew their friends well enough to pick people they should meet and many felt they absolutely knew them better than their friends know themselves.

“Millennials tend to be confident and that confidence clearly extends to the widespread belief we found that many millennials are convinced they can be great matchmakers for their friends.

“Millennials also like a mission, and Wingman lets them do something selfless—think about what’s good for a friend— and they loved that option.”

Wingman received responses from 150 people aged 21-37 in both the US and UK from October 2016 to March 2017.


Wingman, which is hoping to be a complimentary service to the online dating industry, lets people create a dating profile for their friends and search its user base to find them potential matches.

The wingmen take full control on the app and set up their friend’s profile, swipe on their behalf and make the initial move to let other users know they might be interested.

If another user says they are interested in the wingman’s friend, a match is made and the singles can begin chatting within the app.

Wingman will only notify users if it is positive news – if someone says they are not interested, singles will not be informed.

Wilson said: “We all have that one friend who knows us best and is a gifted matchmaker. Wingman gives them a platform for their natural matchmaking skills and lets them have fun playing Cupid.

“I believe that the desire to be a matchmaker for a single friend is as old as friendship itself.

“We want what is best for our friends and now we can do something to really help them. Wingman makes it easy to do something impactful and have a bit of fun along the way.”

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Emma Woodley

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