A New Anti-Catfish Video Dating App

ZiP Video Dating is promising something simple: ‘what you see, is what you get’. Its approach to video profiles look to reassure users that they aren’t being catfished. 

It’s mandatory for users to upload videos of themselves onto their profiles, with the app not allowing users to start swiping until this is complete. Additionally, every 6 months from downloading the app, users will be encouraged to upload a new video for their profile.

ZiP also uses video technology to ensure that users are not able to upload misleading or edited videos, meaning profiles are truly representative.

The app will put forward a number of questions that users will answer in video format, letting other users know about their lifestyle and values.

“At ZiP, we share the common goal to establish a dating app that focuses on inclusivity and safety with simple, easy-to-use features”, shares founder Dorisa Soudi.

“We are seeing people of all ages lose a sense of true connection – using popular apps to find new friends or relationships has become challenging in so many ways. Tales of catfishing, fake profiles and worse are regaled to us from contemporaries of all ages and my own Gen Z family members”, she continues.

“I created ZiP to bring people together in a truly authentic way, utilising technology that encourages users to truly be themselves online and not fearful of others being something they are not”, Soudi explains.

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