A New Dating Game on Plenty of Fish

Dating app Plenty of Fish is inviting users to join a game called Cue’d Up, which allows singles to get to know each other before matching. The game will be available at set times twice a week.

The six singles involved in the game will reply to the same prompt, and then vote who has the best answers. At the end of the game, users vote for who has the “best vibes” and can like others in the group. If there’s a mutual like, they are matched, explains Fast Company.

The game has been tested within Texas, with 40% of singles playing the same ending up with a match. 

“A lot of people will match on a swipe app, but they don’t necessarily turn into conversations as much. So this is definitely a step in the right direction”, Malgosia Green, CEO of Plenty of Fish, told Fast Company.

“And so our games are very much oriented to try to replicate that sort of easy, casual, in-real-life spark that happens at, say, the backyard barbecue”, she continued.

When asked whether more were on the way, Green explained that there are plans to make more interactive games so users will always have something new to try.