Adult Cam Site Held 10.9 Billion Records on Unprotected Database

A cyberattack on an adult cam site is predicted to have exposed millions of users’ personal identity information, including names, email addresses and personal chats, dating back as far as March.

CAM4 was operating on an unprotected database, which was found by a team of researchers from Security Detective, a site focusing on security incidents and tools.

The team’s lead researcher Anurag Sen said it had more than 10.88 billion records that included server logs, password hashes, and customer information. The log dated back to 16th March 16.

Cybercriminals can use this data to target emails to extort money or for spear-phishing attacks.

This is a highly sensitive issue for adult sites as most members prefer to stay anonymous. The infamous data hack on Ashley Madison in 2015 exposed the personal data of 37 million users.

Later, attackers targeted these customers and their spouses to demand money using the threat of blackmail.

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