After Beating Tinder, Pokemon GO Continues Incredible DAU & Download Growth

pokemon go

Mobile phenomenon Pokemon GO has continued its incredible growth this week, the gaming app now installed on more devices than Tinder, Lyft, LinkedIn and Candy Crush.

And after its milestones last week, the Nintendo game now has more daily active users than Twitter, and looks set to overtake Snapchat, WhatsApp and potentially even Instagram.

The mobile app was installed on more Android phones in the US than Tinder on July 7th, just one day after it was released.

Two days after launch, it had been installed on 5.16% of all Android devices in the US, with this number rising to 10.8% by July 11th.

pokemon go

In comparison, Tinder is downloaded on 2.3% of all Android phones in the US, LinkedIn on 5.7% and Viber on 6.4%.

And on that day, SimilarWeb said its data showed that 5.9% of all US Android owners used the app that day, compared to the 4.1% who used Twitter.

These crazy daily active user stats saw Pokemon GO overtake Pandora, Netflix, Hangouts and Spotify that Monday.

pokemon go

In comparison to other mobile games, it had already outstripped both Candy Crush Saga (8.7%) and Clash of Clans (5.2%) in terms of current installs, just a week after its US launch.

And these incredible growth stats happened at a time when Pokemon Go was only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

However, as of today, the app has been released in the UK, after the game was launched in Germany earlier this week.

Download the app on iOS here.