AI-Powered Apps See 4000% User Spending Increase

A new report claims that the new wave of apps inspired by innovations in AI technology have received an over 4000% increase in user spending. In the first quarter of 2023, 158 new AI-powered platforms were launched on app stores, the report shares.

Insights firm Apptopia revealed that apps that use the terms “AI Chatbot” or “AI Chat”, have seen downloads increase by 1506%, with in-app purchases rising by 4184%. 

Many of these AI-powered apps generate in-app revenue by restricting some aspects of the experience behind a paywall. For example Genie, which is the second highest revenue generating AI chatbot of 2023, allows users to access unlimited Q&A, a bigger word limit, and more advanced Al, for $69.99 a year.

The growth of these platforms come as a result of OpenAI’s ChatGPT product, which launched publicly recently. Apptopia says that the result of this launch was a “consumer-facing artificial intelligence gold rush”.

Dating platforms have also been quick to incorporate AI chatbot tools. Earlier this year, Flamme adopted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ tool powered by AI, while plus-size dating app WooPlus helps users converse through recommended messages created by ChatGPT. 

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