AI Tools Are Generating Dating App Photos

While the internet has been fascinated by AI technology generating pictures, one company is looking to bring this service to singles on dating apps. The technology will take users’ selfies and create fake images that supposedly increase attractiveness. 

The company providing this service, called PhotoAI, offers different packages to users looking to enhance their photos. It has packages for dating app photos, professional-looking LinkedIn photos, and even for users’ faces to be put in memes.

Vice experimented with this service, submitting photos of a staff member. In the dating app package, they received 78 images, with the staff member’s face being placed on the body of a leather-jacket and sunglasses wearing body. 

The report from Vice highlights that we will have to wait and see whether AI-generated images go against the rules enforced by dating platforms. 

Image is a screenshot from the PhotoAI website.

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