Aimee Lou Wood Encourages Singles to ‘Just Go For It’ in New Bumble Promotion

Bumble has produced a video with BAFTA-winning actor Aimee Lou Wood to take a comedic look at some of the anxieties singles have about going on offline dates again. However, the content concluded on a positive note and encouraged viewers to pluck up the courage and ‘Just Go For It’.

Wood, who rose to fame for her role in the Netflix series ‘Sex Education’, delivers a three minute monologue covering all of the uncertainties about the dating process in 2021.

These include what women should send as their first message, what level of physical contact they should greet their date with, when to go in for the kiss and to try not to talk too loud after all this time of mask-wearing and video calls.

She ended the video by saying: “Maybe they will be the one, maybe they’ll be your new best mate. You’ll never know unless you have a try and if you got through the last 12 months, how bad can one date be?

“It’s time to seize the day, to step out into the exciting unknown. It’s up to you to decide when you’re ready to get back out there, but when you do, just go for it!”

It’s part of Bumble’s latest push to get people dating in the real world and experiencing the emotions of meeting for the first time again.

A recent survey from the dating app found that 91% of respondents think there is no longer any stigma around online dating, and half of them are updating their profiles to get ready for offline dates this summer.

For Christmas, Bumble released a similar promotion with another well-known British actor Helena Bonham Carter. This one prepared singles for the holiday and their family’s questions about their dating lives, despite the unusually difficult circumstances.

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