Aisle Releases ‘One By Two’ Campaign to Celebrate Traditional Style of Romance

Aisle has launched a new marketing campaign to celebrate the old school style of romance and to highlight the phrase “what’s mine is yours”.

Titled ‘One By Two’, the promotion encourages users to find joy in the small parts of a relationship. It shows a young couple who are getting to know each other by sharing meals and listening to the same music.

A total of three 30-second were produced on behalf of Aisle by creative agency Nationwide Pictures.

Able Joseph, Founder and CEO of Aisle, said in a statement: “There is no one love language that suits everyone because romance is different in every part of the world.

“We wanted to create something that was simple and yet resonated with our young audiences. With ‘One By Two’, we want to inspire people to find their share of romance, the traditional way.”

Aisle has seen its popularity grow over the past year, and at the end of 2020 it was the second-most downloaded dating app in India.

It launched a brand new premium membership service in December called ‘Concierge’, that helped the most serious daters stand out from the crowd. They would receive daily handpicked potential matches and be able to prioritise search results based on the characteristics that matter most.

Watch the ‘One By Two’ films here.