Aisle Releases Report Looking At Young People’s Dating Behaviour Online

Aisle has launched a research report looking at the dating behaviour online of young people. India’s market leader in high-intent dating apps surveyed almost 20,000 people between the ages of 18-35, researching how young people are using Aisle, and the general trends involved in online dating as we move towards 2022.

The key results from the research showed that almost 90% young people are now comfortable telling their parents that they met their partner on a dating app. The research also found that 83% of respondents felt that their families were becoming more accepting of their dating life.

Similarly to families becoming more accepting of a young person’s dating life, 70% of respondents said that they would introduce their partners to their family within one year of dating, and 63% respondents said that they will reach out to their mothers to talk about their relationship.

The survey revealed that family validation for Indian women seems to be a prominent factor while choosing a partner. While 75% of women responded by saying that their family is accepting of their dating life, 61% women said that they won’t date someone their family doesn’t approve of. However, 72% of male respondents revealed that they are comfortable with having a partner that their family doesn’t approve of.

The research also showed that 35% respondents said financial background and financial security both would be an important marker for their parents while choosing a partner. However, 92% respondents said compatibility is the most important parameter above any other factor.

The launch of the research follows a busy twelve months for Aisle, during which time they launched Neetho, a new matchmaking app for Tegulu singles, an additional dating app for Tamil speakers globally, and additional research showing that Indian women are more comfortable and committed to using online dating platforms.