AMOR Brings Blockchain Technology to the Dating Industry

Decentralised dating platform AMOR is set to launch in beta in February 2018, then in full in July 2018.

The app, based out of India, will make use of an innovative blockchain reward system to incentivise users to behave appropriately on the app and on dates.

The company’s ‘white paper’ explains: “For ​years, the ​online ​quest ​for ​love ​has ​been ​plagued ​with ​bots, ​inaccurate ​profiles, ​no-shows, ghosting ​and ​online ​bullying.

“​In ​this ​context, ​credibility ​is ​having ​an ​accurate ​profile, showing ​up ​to ​your ​date ​on ​time ​and ​being ​engaged ​with ​your ​date.”

AMOR tokens will be accrued by individuals that act credibly in the dating sphere. They can then be displayed, as a sign of authenticity, or they can be burned, to promote a user’s profile visibility.

The pool of AMOR tokens will be managed via a system of smart contracts powered by Ethereum. Ethereum’s contracts will ensure token scarcity, as well as ensuring the incentive structure is conducive to desirable dating behaviours.

The ‘social ​credibility ​economy’ model looks to solve a problem in online dating apps – users often have to determine credibility either by degrees of separation or by trusting the dating app’s own authority.

The introduction of blockchain allows for a vetted yet democratic dating experience – credibility of users is determined in a decentralised fashion, so the online community promotes the best matches as it sees fit.

User feedback will come from post-date questionnaires, quizzing users on their date’s punctuality, profile accuracy and engagement.

The crowdsale is live until the 2nd of January.

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