An App To Find Connections for Dogs and Dog Owners

A new app ‘Doggy Style’ allows dog owners to find companions for their four legged friends, and maybe themselves. The platform lets users swipe through the profiles of pets in the nearby area, helping them to organise pet play dates.

The app explains that during the pandemic, pets provided emotional support during difficult times, and pet adoption rates rose. Many of these new dog owners were Gen Z and Millenials, their website shares.

Colby Weintraub, the app’s founder wanted to reduce the social isolation caused by the pandemic, and connect people through his favourite pastime, hanging out with his dog Yogi. And Doggy Style was born.

The app’s website shares that the end goal for the platform is to “to build the foremost community of dog lovers and create a new space for people to connect over humankind’s best friend.”

The app operates a swiping system where users swipe on each other’s profiles, giving each other a “paws up”. Profiles with the most of these ‘likes’ could receive rewards from local pet companies, the app shares.

The app has nearly 2000 users so far.