Android Apps Still Vulnerable to Potential Data Flaw

A large number of Android apps, including leading dating apps, are considered to be at risk to a security flaw which could expose large quantities of user data.

According to research, the security flaw is in the Google Play Core Library, which was fixed by the tech giant in 2020. 

However, developers were required to also required to push the patch into their respective apps to mitigate the threat fully, and many are yet to have done this. Google rated the threat 8.8/10 for severity.

Recent analysis from Check Point researchers, 8% of all apps used the vulnerable of the Core Library. There’s estimates that hundreds of millions of Android users are at risk.

Aviran Hazum, Check Point’s Mobile Research Manager, said: “Although Google implemented a patch, many apps are still using outdated Play Core libraries.

“If a malicious application exploits this vulnerability, it can gain code execution inside popular applications, obtaining the same access as the vulnerable application. The attack possibilities here are only limited by a threat actor’s imagination.”

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Luke Smith

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