Angola Abolishes Legislation Against Homosexual Conduct

Angola has become the latest country to decriminalise homosexuality, after the government removed a “vices against nature” law.

While the clause did not explicitly state it was against homosexuality, it was widely interpreted to prohibit any sexual conduct between two people of the same gender.

There have been no known convictions of anyone in the LGBTQ community, but it did make it harder for them to fully embrace their sexuality over fears of harassment.

The country is adopting its first new penal code since it gained independence in 1975. Changes also make it illegal to show any form of discrimination – such as refusing to hire someone because of their sexuality.

The change was lobbied for by Iris Angola, a gay rights group that was given legal status last year, paving the way for it to successfully push for the laws to be updated.

India legalised homosexual sex in September 2018, a move that received global praise. Blued launched a follow-up campaign that called for more rights to be issued to the community, like being allowed to get married or adopt.

There are approximately 70 countries worldwide that still deem same-sex relations to be illegal.

Grindr had previously made it possible for users in African and Middle Eastern areas to change the app’s icon on their phone, to try and prevent them from receiving repercussions for being gay.

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Dominic Whitlock

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