App Store Hits 2m Apps, With $50bn Paid Out To Developers

apple app store

Apple now has more than 2m apps on the App Store, and has seen over 130bn downloads on the online application store.

This has resulted in more than $50bn being paid out to app developers since the store was launched eight years ago.

These figures were announced yesterday at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In comparison, last year Apple said there were 1.5m apps on the App Store, and it had seen 100bn downloads on the store, with $30bn paid to developers.

Prior to the WWDC conference, Apple announced some significant changes to the way the App Store will work for developers.

Apple’s usual 30% cut of revenue for subscription apps will now halve if subscribers stay with the app for over a year.

So if someone has been a subscriber to a dating app for over a year, the developers of that app will now get 85% of the revenue, rather than the previous 70%.

Other revisions to the App Store include a change in the policy around who can offer a subscription service for apps, changes to the ads seen in the App Store, and a modification of the process used to review apps.

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