App Users Spend 16% More on Dating Platforms

A new report on the mobile app market has good news for dating platforms. Despite global economic challenges, mobile app users spent 16% more on dating apps in 2022 as compared to the previous year.

Consumer spending in dating apps reached $17.8 million during the first half of 2022, Business of Apps shared. One example of this trend is popular dating app Tinder, which saw a 7% increase in subscription revenues.

Entertainment and social media apps are also flourishing. Short video apps such as TikTok saw the highest numbers in terms of consumer spending, with users spending almost $606 million. Be Real saw 2.8 million downloads in the UK, “making it one of the breakout apps of the year”, the article highlights.

While economic troubles linger, research showed that time spent on apps worldwide increased by 11% year on year, making an all-time high of over 2 trillion hours spent on Android phones. App downloads also broke records this year with 74.4 billion downloads on iOS and Android.

Unfortunately, the report shares bad news for eCommerce and food delivery apps. As the Covid-19 pandemic subsides and people return to in-person activities, these apps have seen downloads decrease, the report found.

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