Apple Limit Developers To Three App Store Review Requests A Year


Apple is set to make changes to its iOS and Mac app review process, including how often developers can ask for reviews and where customers will leave comments.

It was announced last week that developers will soon be able to respond to reviews on the App Store – something Android developers have been able to do since 2012.

The release of iOS 10.3 will also bring a “new way for customers to provide App Store ratings and reviews”, meaning users will be able to rate or review an app while they are using it, without being sent to the App Store.

It has also been revealed that the new update will limit how often developers can ask for reviews – only letting them send three prompts every year.

If a customer chooses to disregard all three review notifications, they will not be asked again for another year, and if someone does leave a review, they will not be notified again.

Consumers can also opt to turn off review notifications from all apps.

Other changes include that with the new update people will also be able to use 3D touch to highlight a review as “Helpful”.

The new changes will apply to both the iOS App Store and Mac App Store, and will be available to users when the update is made public.