Apple Release iOS 10 Public Beta

iOS 10 Public Beta

The official update can now be downloaded as a public preview to give users a chance to play around with the new operating system. 

Unveiled at the company’s WWDC conference earlier this year, iOS 10 sees a revamp of Siri, messaging, maps, photos, the music store and the home app, adding new features in an effort to make devices more user friendly.

One of iOS 10’s most exciting updates is developers will now be able to design apps that are compatible with Siri.

To download the public beta, go to Apple’s Public Beta portal and sign in with your Apple ID on the device you want iOS 10 to be downloaded on.

Because the beta is only in its early stages, it has been advised that users download it onto an old device, just in case of fault.

Otherwise, it has been suggested that you ensure your device is fully backed up before downloading the new system.

Certain features are also expected to be missing from the download, including the new stickers in messages and updates to Apple Pay.

To read more and to download iOS 10, please click here.

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