Apple To Allow Alternative Payment On Dating Apps In The Netherlands

Apple has announced that it will allow developers of dating apps to offer alternative payments systems other than Apple’s In-App Purchase system, thereby circumventing Apple’s traditional 15-30% IAP cut. The announcement came on Friday in order to comply with a ruling from Dutch authorities.

However, whilst the change has been implemented, Apple will still charge a commission on these purchases outside of the official channels, with details yet to be disclosed on how much the commission will be.

Despite implementing the change, Apple has continued to appeal against the decision, arguing that it is not in the best interests of users. By using alternative payment systems, developers may be hoping to evade the 15% or 30% revenue cut that Apple charges.

Developers who wish to set up non-Apple payments will have to apply for one of two new entitlements: either StoreKit External Link Entitlement (if they want to include a link to an external online payment system) or StoreKit External Purchase Entitlement (if they want to incorporate the payment system in the app itself).

Earlier this week, Apple said it would allow third-party payment systems in Korea but the company would still collect a commission on all transactions. Apple also says that these dating apps will have to pay Apple a commission on these transactions.

Luke Smith

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