Apple Will Only Accept “Unique” Dating Apps Under New Guidelines

Apple has updated its App Store review guidelines to include a stricter verification process for dating products.

It now notes that new dating apps might be rejected unless they offer a “unique, high-quality experience”, because the market is “already saturated”.

There is currently no explicit information to suggest how severe the new sanctions are going to be, but it will probably just be targeted at spam or fraudulent apps. It’s unlikely that any major companies or promising startups will be affected.

The same guidelines have also been introduced for Kama Sutra, fortune telling and flashlight apps.

The giant technology company also published some insight into how its newest operating system iOS 13 is performing. It explained that 77% of all Apple devices from the past four years are currently running the current version.

Furthermore, all apps and app updates must be built with the iOS 13 SDK from the end of April. This means developers will be able to utilise the latest features, such as Dark Mode, in their products.

LGBTQ dating and social app TAIMI unveiled a wave of new features in October, to coincide with the iOS 13 introduction. This included a new Dark Mode and an option to sign in with Apple ID, which increased subscription conversion rates by approximately 30%.

Data from mobile analytics company Sensor Tower showed that Tinder generated more App Store revenue in January 2020 than any other dating app. It was followed by Bumble and Pairs.

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