AppLovin Prepares To Launch Software Development Kit For New Apple TV


AppLovin has announced it will be launching a software development kit (SDK) for Apple’s new tvOS platform later this month.

The mobile marketing platform will be launching the kit after recognising the potential for app development on Apple TV’s latest platform.

In an effort to make the service even more entertaining for its customers, tvOS features a built-in App Store, where users can search and download apps straight onto their device.

And after seeing a demonstration of the new tvOS platform, and subsequently testing the development kits, the company labelled the new Apple TV as a “fantastic platform for apps”.

The new kit is designed to help developers create and prepare apps that are compatible with the new tvOS software.

In a blog post, AppLovin CEO Adam Foroughi wrote: “A fantastic platform and consumer experience are only part of the equation in a functional app ecosystem.

“Developers who innovate on the platform need to be able to monetize, and advertisers need the ability to reach the users that grow their own businesses. When all parties get what they need, an app ecosystem will flourish.

Two days ago, Apple released the second beta of an upcoming update of tvOS to developers, marking the first major software update to tvOS 9.0.

The development kit is expected to be available to AppLovin’s partners by the end of this month.

The company will be announcing the official release on its official blog.

Danielle White

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