Ashley Madison Publishes 2019 Membership Report

Ashley Madison has released its 2019 membership report, revealing there is a global 1:1 ratio of active female to active paid male accounts.

The report also showed that more than 5.6 million men and women registered for the extramarital affair app in 2019. Over 200,000 of these new accounts were registered to daters in the UK.

Paul Keable, Chief Strategy Officer for Ashley Madison, said: “Our numbers are not only extremely telling of the current state of modern marriage, but more interestingly, they point to a shift in women [being] interested in affairs just as much as their male counterparts, and in some places, even more.”

The Good Wife Study, a report on women’s cheating habits, was also recently released by Ashley Madison and showed that 64% of women felt sexually ignored in their marriage and 68% did not feel guilty about their affairs.

Relationship expert and psychotherapist Lucy Beresford added: “These findings suggest that women are placing an increasing priority on their sexual desires, and are determined to live their life in a way that makes them feel sexually fulfilled.

“What these findings reinforce in the message that, instead of putting up with neglect or invisibility, or settling for an unfulfilling relationship, women are increasingly choosing to have an affair as a way to recapture a sense of themselves as sexually desirable.”

In December 2019, Ashley Madison had 65 million members and was continuing to grow.

The 2018 report indicated there were 5.3 million new accounts and over half of its active members were women. Comparatively, there were 1.11 female profiles for every paid male account.

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