Ashley Madison Signups Increase Despite Spouses Isolating Together

Infidelity dating website Ashley Madison has reported a spike in use signup’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

A report released by the platforms shows that the spike is somewhat surprising, as it comes at a time when married people are isolated at home with their spouses.

According to a Venture Beat interview with the company’s Chief Strategy Officer Paul Keable, Ashley Madison has seen an average of 17,000 new users each day since the crisis first reached the United States. This is an increase of almost 10% compare to earlier in the year.

30% of women and 14% of men are reportedly interested in trying to have virtual sex with their affair partners.

Rachel DeAlto,’s Chief Dating Coach, told People: “I do think it’s the perfect time to get online, because we don’t lose our desire to connect. Love doesn’t go away, or that desire for companionship.

“When we’re so disconnected face to face, we have to replicate that in some sort of way to prevent us from feeling the effects of loneliness.”

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