The Average Single Brit is only able to Spend £22.22 on a Date

Glowing Embers have conducted a new survey to discover how much Brits are able to spend on a date, and if they can even afford to go in the first place.

The survey was conducted on 1,250 people.

It discovered that the average amount a Brit is able to spend on a date is only £22.22.

People who live in the South East were able to afford £24.86 on a date, and the West Midlands came out with £23.83.

However, it was singletons living in the South West who couldn’t afford as much, resulting in a lower £19.44 to be able to spend on a date.

The region second most affected by date poverty is Wales, who can just about stretch to £19.55.

The results showed that one in ten (11.6%) have cancelled dates due to lack of money, and 45.9% would be put off dating someone if that person were unable to go out on a date.

Other findings included 21.1% of Brits admitted to avoid looking at their bank statement after going on a date as they always spend more than what their budget was.

17.2% of single Brits have also said they think they are single purely because they are unable to afford to go out on dates, and 53.1% of singletons also said they couldn’t afford to go on any dates at all right now.

17.3% were a little more financially comfortable as they said they could afford to go on more than two dates a week, 15.3% admitted they could go on one date per month, 5.9% once a week, 5.6% one date every other week and 2.8% twice a week.

Overall, the survey discovered that Brits could afford to go on an average 3.7 dates per month.

See the infographic below: