Average Tinder Spends 90m Swiping Every Day


Tinder have revealed figures about their user engagement.

The company said people on average spend 90 mins on the app every day, in an interview with The New York Times.

Users log in 11 times a day, and a single session on the app lasts around 8.5 minutes for women, and 7.2 minutes for men.

They said this totals around 90 mins on the app per day.

The article also quotes someone “with knowledge of the situation” who says the total number of users is approaching 50m.

As CEO Sean Rad said on stage at Forbes’ Under 30 Summit, the company are also looking into ways of discerning the “content” of photos, and what users find attractive in photos, beyond simply physical attraction.

Jessica Carbino, Tinder’s dating and relationship expert, told the NYT

“Research shows when people are evaluating photos of others, they are trying to access compatibility on not just a physical level, but a social level.

“They are trying to understand, ‘Do I have things in common with this person?’ ”

Rad said they are trying to capture this information, and feed it back into their matching algorithms.

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Simon Edmunds

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