Bachelor Star’s Dating App Appoints New CEO

In August, GDI reported that Sean Lowe, star of ABC’s The Bachelor, had launched a new dating app named ‘Vouch’.

Vouch’s product allows users to bring their friends online as ‘Vouchers’ to help them secure a match. The interface allows Vouchers to send endorsements to singles, and to approve potential dates.

This week, the brand announced the arrival of a new CEO in Christiana Yebra. Yebra is an experienced marketer, and the founder of Millennial Clubs and Currency Strategies.

“I felt it was important to hire a female CEO for a couple of reasons,” said Lowe.

“We want an app that appeals to women because we feel like women are the foundation of any good dating app. We believe Christiana is the perfect woman to run our company and make our brand appealing to other women given her history in the space.

“Secondly, I think Christiana will help Vouch steer away from the ‘hookup culture’ that so often seems to be entwined with dating apps by lending her strategic vision and leadership to create a dating app that is unique, fun and most importantly – safe.”

Speaking to Dallas Innovates, Yebra added: “Something I think about all the time for my friends is safety, and if guys are the right ones for them. So every decision we make [at Vouch], whether it’s some feature on the app, or how we engage on social media, or the types of events we’re hosting, that’s in the back of my mind.

“I don’t ever want to stray away from that. Because one of my biggest motivations for joining the team is to create something that’s better.”

A range of social media and reality TV influencers have launched dating apps in recent months. They are often able to leverage large preexisting follower networks to build a viable community with low marketing spend.

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Scott Harvey

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