Bad Boy Dating Launches

Bad Boy Dating, a new niche platform from entrepreneur David Minns, is now available to those who dare to register. The platform connects “overly confident and risky men” with those willing to “risk a car crash of a relationship”.

The new site, which injects lots of humour into its branding, warns users that “if you find yourself falling for one of our members you should consider calling it off”. This is because the site connects them with bad boys “that may not be suitable for a serious relationship”.

The platform is now available worldwide, with a pre-launch membership of over 2,700 users. Bad Boy Dating states that it is open to males, females, and transgender people, as well as people of any sexuality.

The dating site provides a number of questions to help users identify whether they’re a bad boy. These include “Do you ride a motorbike like a complete nutter?” and “Do you throw your weights on the floor at the gym to attract attention?”.

David Minns, the creator of Bad Boy Dating and other nice dating sites, explained the appeal of this new platform:

“There is a draw to naughtiness, in the same way, people enjoy horror films or extreme sports. The rush of a sense of achievement is addictive. Being attracted to a ‘Bad Boy’ is the same. You know that it is not right or sensible but it’s exciting and adventurous. Just don’t lose your head and stay in control”

You can find out more at the Bad Boy Dating website here.