Badoo Founder Andrey Andreev Gives First Interview In Four Years

Andrey Andreev

Andrey Andreev, the elusive founder of Badoo, has given his first interview in four years.

The dating influencer spoke to Business Insider because Badoo is prepping the launch of a fresh redesign of the hugely popular dating platform.

In the interview, the full transcript of which is available here, Andreev discusses his reluctancy to give interviews, the long process of redesigning Badoo, and the company’s relationship with Bumble.

On the Bumble topic, the Badoo CEO says the company is “happy with the partnership” it has with Whitney Wolfe and Bumble, saying Badoo “provide all infrastructure, all technology, all the services, and she just focuses on one thing: Marketing.”

Another interesting part of the interview comes when the CEO discusses the redesign process, talking about the extensive AB testing the company underwent as it prepared its new version.

Badoo’s founder says: “Badoo has more than 340 million users who have naturally become used to a certain interface. Before changing anything in the app we always test.

“AB tests have proven multiple times that even a slight change in, say, position of the button, can result in decrease of activity or revenue. Yep, that’s the real life of monetised products.”

The Russian founder also speaks about why he isn’t keen on an IPO, its various brand and white label technology partnerships and why Badoo doesn’t follow the same PR-heavy strategies of rival companies like Tinder.

Check out the full interview here.