Badoo Launches ‘Family Approved’ Features

Dating app Badoo has launched new features which allow singles to incorporate their family members into their dating profile. The new feature is launched in partnership with a mother and son duo from British TV show Gogglebox.

‘Family-Approved’ is a set of in-app features “that will allow singles to show that they have called on their family and chosen members to help them land connections”, Badoo explained.

Launching today, these in-app features include a new space for video clips on user profiles where they can upload a video of a family member ‘approving’ them. Badoo has also released new prompts that encourage users to share what family members would say about them.

Users will now also be able to add a new badge to their profile to display they’ve been “approved” by a member of the family.

The features come after Badoo’s research found that 3 in 4 (71%) singles admit they struggle to sell themselves on dating apps. Consequently, over half of respondents would prefer to enlist someone they trust to build their dating app profile for them.

This includes a third of singles saying they think their family and chosen family would do a much better job of summarising their best qualities. Furthermore, 59% say they’ve already sought wisdom from friends and family before updating a dating app profile

The campaign partnered with mother – son duo and TV celebrities Joe and Lisa Braggs for this new initiative. This includes a series of fun videos where they give a crash course on how to use the features. 

Joe Baggs, the Gogglebox star shares “I’ve got to admit that sometimes I do need a bit of help with my dating life – I genuinely find talking about myself really cringe and I never know what the best bits about me actually are. The fact that my mum can now help me out and ‘approve’ my profile means that I have a lot more confidence to ‘sell’ myself and land connections – she knows me best and helps remind me that I’m a catch!”.

Lisa Baggs, Gogglebox star and mum of Joe adds “Finally there’s a feature that proves ‘mother knows best’! As a mum to an adult child, all I want is to be reminded that they still need me… and the Family-Approved feature from Badoo does just that! I am always looking out for my son, and what’s best for him – and I want him to feel confident in himself whilst he looks for love because he’s amazing. His future squeeze deserves the same too!”.

“It’s no secret that, sometimes, a little help goes a long way”, says Remy Le Fèvre, Global Head of Brand Engagement and Influence at Badoo. 

“Here at Badoo, we’re all about making sure singles feel confident putting their best foot forward when dating, and for many of us, that means getting a little help from the people that love them most! Family-Approved is here to help singles feel good right from the start of their dating journey, whilst also showing potential matches when profiles have had the trusted green light from their loved ones – which could be a fun icebreaker when starting a conversation!”, Le Fèvre continues.

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