Badoo Opens ‘Date Honestly’ Art Gallery in Paris

Badoo has officially launched its ‘Date Honestly’ rebrand in France with a unique four day art exhibition in the centre of Paris.

‘The Honest Gallery’ is open from 23rd-26th October and features digital and immersive installations that star real Badoo users. The aim is to capture the inclusive energy of the community and bring it to life.

It’s encouraging singles to express themselves honestly, especially when it comes to dating and what they are looking for in a future partner.

A confession booth is available for attendees to share their past experiences and learn from each other about how to be a more honest dater. There have also been special magazines printed that feature profiles on all of the users that appear in the artwork.

Entry to the event is free and people who show their Badoo profile at the door will receive a VIP goody bag.

The ‘Date Honestly’ rebrand was first launched at the beginning of June by Badoo’s new CMO Dominic Gallello. 

He told GDI: “[Date Honestly] is about helping people really overcome the self-doubt they might feel, to open themselves up to others, embrace the journey of meeting other people and figuring out what they want. 

“I think it’s a new chapter for the brand to really embrace a set of values and connect those values, not just with our community, but also with culture at large.”

The dating company released the first episode of its podcast ‘The Truth Flirts’ last week. Hosted by Mel B, the new show will feature a number of celebrity guests who talk about their dating history and pass on advice to listeners.

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