Badoo Reveals Restriction-Free Summer Dating Trends

With the first restriction-free summer in full swing, Badoo has revealed that this is the summer of the ‘Cramdemic’. Almost half of their users have stated that this will be the busiest summer that they’ve ever had.

With a backlog of events such as weddings and holidays from the pandemic, 73% of singles have claimed that they missed out on valuable time due the pandemic and 60% of those are still attempting to catch up on their dating lives. 

In order to assist singletons in the navigation of their dating lives, Badoo has partnered with a life coach by the name of Angelica Malin, who shared her wisdom on the matter, “After years of lockdowns and restrictions, many singles feel like they ‘lost’ time to the pandemic – in a world where we couldn’t date properly and socialising was limited, we all lost out on making those important human connections. Now we’re seeing a Cramdemic, where people are squeezing in plans and putting everything on fast forward, which in turn, is affecting the way singletons are dating.  

“It’s important to not let the pressure of the Cramdemic take over your enjoyment of finally having freedom. It’s an exciting time – one filled with possibilities, new connections and experiences, and a chance to enjoy dating, whatever that means for you.’

Her five top tips are: 

  • Remember there’s no set timeline.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Go into dating with an open mind.
  • Find your single tribe.
  • Make the date uniquely yours.

Remy Le Fevre, Global Head of Communications at Badoo adds “This summer is set to be a busy one, and singles are clearly struggling to keep up with all their social plans, not to mention finding time on top of that to date. If you’ve found yourself saying “I don’t have the time to date!”, just know it’s important to not put any pressure on yourself, dating should be fun after all! In a Cramdemic, focus on doing what feels right for you, and be upfront with what you want. Enjoy the connections you make along the way, and don’t be afraid to prioritise yourself from time to time.”

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