Badoo Thanks UK Singles For Practising ‘Self-Love’ During Lockdown

Badoo has launched a campaign to thank single people in the UK for practising ‘self-love’ and not meeting up with numerous sexual partners during lockdown.

The series of “empowering ads” thanks people for temporarily giving up their sex lives and helping the national effort to stop the spread of the virus by staying at home.

Badoo commissioned a survey of 1,000 people and found that 37% of singles admitting that they had masturbated more than usual. The nationwide average was reportedly once a day since 23 March.

The Romans commissioned London-based illustrator Alice Skinner to create a collection of images that evoked the “Blitz spirit” and encouraged solo sex. Slogans include “Flick for Victory” and “Make Do and Masturbate”, which will be posted on billboards and flyposters across London

Natasha Briefel, marketing director of Badoo UK, told PR Week: “We know being single in lockdown has been tough for many, so wanted to find a fun and playful way to open up an honest conversation about masturbation and solo sex, while saying thank you to those who have avoided temptation to break the rules.

“We’ve seen lots of great connections being made during this period of digital courtship in lockdown, so want to encourage our users to be kind to one another, chat, meet and date honestly and safely when they’re comfortable doing so.”

Earlier this year, Badoo teamed up with more artists to help singles make the most of virtual dating products to combat loneliness.

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