Barclays Releases Love Scam Research

Barclays bank has released new research about romance scams, sharing that victims tend to lose around £4,090 on average, and that 77% of all scams taking place on tech platforms such as dating apps and social media.

It found that people aged 51 – 60 are at most risk, with the demographic accounting for 35% of all money lost to these scams, reports Metro.

“Dating apps can be a great way to meet people, but it’s important to remember that not everyone you speak to will have the best of intentions”, says Ross Martin, Head of Digital Safety at Barclays. 

“Scammers can use dating apps and social media sites to manipulate you into sending them money”, he continued. 

The bank is trying to make individuals less complacent about romance scams, as 66% of people claim that they wouldn’t fall victim to these crimes.

The article shares some tips to identify potential romance scammers. These include reverse image searching the profile photo of a suspicious account, when accounts refuse to meet in person, when accounts try to send links, and when they declare their love very early.

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