Barry Diller Speaks About Tinder’s Success


Barry Diller, the Chairman of IAC, has said that Tinder’s success was partly due to leaving their founders alone.

Speaking at Business Insider’s Ignition conference, and quoted by TechCrunch, Diller briefly spoke about the dating app.

Being interviewed by Henry Blodget, Diller said:

“We were lucky enough – smart enough, I wouldn’t say so much – that we left it alone to the founders. [Who were able ] to create this incredible virality. Since then it’s just skyrocketed.”

Tinder founder Sean Rad recently lost his position as CEO of the company – staying on as President as they search for a new CEO.

Diller was also asked about Benchmark, who invested in Tinder in exchange for Matt Cohler’s expertise on the board.

He said: “It’s not a VC model because we’re not a VC. We’re not every three months creating a new faux value for it, because we don’t really need any money. We’re perfectly happy to finance it all.”

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