Launches New Progressive Web App For Low Bandwidth Areas, the flagship brand of recently-public company, has announced the launch of a new Progressive Web App.

Progressive Web Apps are web applications that use modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience.’s PWA will do exactly that – offer an app-style experience for the dating service on smartphones with low bandwidth.

A press release stated the app was built primarily for use by consumers using tier 2 and 3 service providers.

Saichithra S,’s Chief Portal and Mobile Officer said: “With the rise in smartphone penetration, falling data costs and more of tier 3 town users coming to the platform, we see a clear need for enhanced user experience on the mobile site.

“Most of these users will be using low memory devices and will be sensitive to data consumption as well.

“We have launched our BharatMatrimonyLite on PWA to address the challenges of these users and give a seamless experience as smooth as the app with notifications and lot more.”

The app’s user interface layer has been revamped to adhere to PWA best practices, to enable faster loading even in patchy networks.

In addition to this, Matrimony said the reduction in the hits to the company’s servers leads to lower data exchange and renders pages faster by over 50%.

Users can experience the lite version by going to on an Android phone.

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