Launches Encrypted Messaging App For Couples messaging app

Online matrimonial company has just launched a new messaging app designed to help couples communicate privately.

The newly-launched app, called 2gether, allows users to share texts, emojis, images and video messages, which according to app are all encrypted to ensure user security.

Regular calls can also be initiated within the app, without requiring users to have to revert back to their phone’s home screen.

And given that the app is designed for couples, it also offers a number of interesting features to help make communication easier by keeping it all in one place.

Features for couples

Upon registering, individuals are asked to enter their name and phone number, alongside the name of their partner, wedding date, email ID and a “shared password” that can be used by their partner to log in to a joint account.

Couples can also take advantage of its in-app “Memories” feature, which allows users to store any favourite moments they’ve shared together.

Once selected, 2gether will then store their favourite moments in one place, which then cannot be accessed by any other user.

However, should a couple want to share a memory with family or friends, 2gether does offer the ability to share through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or email.

Another notable feature is its reminder option, which lets couple share a list of events, birthdays, anniversaries and appointments, to prevent them from forgetting any important dates.

Additionally, members can also use the app to share their location – a particularly useful function for couples who have moved to a new city, or simply if they want to surprise their other half.

Speaking about the app, Matrimony said: “It doesn’t matter what kind of couple you are, the 2gether messenger is your little love nest.

“As long as you are crazily in love, want to stay connected, and chat with your partner in a secure and private way, 2gether is the app for you.”

Back in September, 2gether’s parent company, acquired Bangalore-based dating app Matchify, a platform that gives women control over their personal matchmaking.

2gether is currently free to download exclusively for Android devices.