BLK Launches Break The Bank Campaign

BLK has launched a campaign known as ‘Break the Bank’ which is aimed at promoting financial literacy in the Black community. As an app that pins itself as the ‘leading dating and lifestyle app for Black singles’ the campaign will be in partnership with The Gathering Spot and will be rolled out for Black Business Month.

The ‘Break the Bank’ campaign will also be sending ‘stimulus checks’ in order to fund dates at Black-owned businesses. Users are expected to record and submit a video of themselves, explaining how they would utilise the funds for a chance to win the funding.

Out of 20,000 participants of a survey released by the company, 69% of its users stated that the rise in the cost of living has affected their dating and social lives. Following that, 66% of users said that the inflation has caused them to delay first dates and spend more time getting to know a person before agreeing to meet in real life.

Inflation has also negatively affected Black business owners, shutting down twice the average national rate of Black owned businesses.

‘Break the Bank’ also aims to expand access to financial literacy programs among the Black community. “There’s a disparity in the rates of financial literacy across different racial and ethnic groups in the United States, with Black populations tending to have lower rates of financial literacy than their white and Asian counterparts,” BLK said.

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