BLK Launches Live Conversation Series For Women’s History Month

BLK is hosting a live online content series to celebrate Women’s History Month, with a specific focus on trailblazing Black women who continue to break down barriers.

The aim is to offer a new way for users to connect, learn from established leaders in their respective fields, and gain the motivation they need to achieve their goals.

Titled ‘Connection, Community & Conversation’, the series will be streamed on BLK’s Instagram page every Wednesday during March at 8pm ET. Viewers can ask questions to the panellists to receive advice that is specific to their situation.

The first show took place yesterday and featured celebrity stylist Rox Brown, entrepreneur Aisha Bowe, body positivity activist Sesali Bowen and musician Kitty Ca$h.

BLK’s Head of Marketing & Brand Jonathan Kirkland said in a statement: “BLK understands that one of the most important aspects of Black life is the sense of community we’ve fostered over history – specifically amongst Black women.

“For years, Black women have been innovators and trendsetters across various verticals, disciplines and fields. Having these conversations is a natural progression of how we can empower our users to support one another and build meaningful relationships throughout life.”

The event is part of the ongoing ‘Once You Go BLK’ campaign that was first launched at the beginning of February. It looks to reclaim outdated stereotypes and promote empowering messages about what it means to be a part of the community.

Kirkland was included in this year’s GDI Power Book to recognise the work he’s done over the past 12 months, which brought Black people together during one of the most politically charged periods in recent memory.

Visit the BLK website here.