Blued Facilitates 50,000 HIV Testing Appointments

Blued, one of the biggest LGBTQ social communities in the world, announced that it has facilitated over 50,000 online appointments for HIV testing across more than 200 partnering establishments as of 2019.

The platform has also received over 10 million page views for HIV-prevention content, and staff have spent over 12,300 hours of volunteer service dedicated to HIV-prevention in Asia. 

Baoli Ma, founder and CEO of parent company BlueCity, told Capital Watch: “We are thrilled to issue our first CSR and ESG reports today, though a strong commitment to social responsibility has been rooted in our brand DNA since day one.

Ma Continued: “We have always believed in the power of technology and understood the responsibility tied to it. We will continue to improve our products and governance to meet the needs of the underserved LGBTQ global community with both commercial services and our public interest initiatives.”

While the majority of the users on the app are men, the company is making strides to expand its female user base. In addition to gay dating social features, BlueCity offers various services including HIV awareness and prevention, medical consultation and health services, and family planning.

BlueCity debuted on Nasdaq stock market at the beginning of July. Despite an early, it’s market cap has dropped by a third since its IPO.

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Luke Smith

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