BluedBaby Helps Gay Chinese Couples Find Surrogates Overseas

Inspired by his own experiences of having a baby, Blued CEO Geng Le has launched a surrogacy programme for hopeful gay couples in China.

Geng Le was forced to travel to California because surrogacy is illegal in China, but after a long process his son was born in early 2017. Now he wants to help guide others in a similar situation through all the complicated procedures.

‘BluedBaby’ puts Chinese couples in contact with a team is Los Angeles who will help them through every step, such as choosing an egg donor, finding a surrogate and dealing with multiple embryos.

The first child born through this venture is expected on 9th April 2019.

Geng Lin said to Bloomberg: “If, like me, you’re in your 40s and you still haven’t married, you still don’t have children, how can you face your parents?

“We want to showcase a Chinese company diligently serving the LGBT community, showing that we do things with value, with philanthropy. That’s what I want to do the most.”

The dating platform is also reportedly pursuing a pharmaceutical license in order to affordably distribute PrEP, a course of HIV/AIDS-prevention drugs. Geng Lin explained the drug is currently very expensive and almost impossible to get hold of in Chinese cities.

At the start of the year, Blued had to block new members from signing up amidst reports that underage boys were contracting HIV/AIDS from men they’d met on the app.

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Dominic Whitlock

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