Boo: The Personality-Driven Dating App

Boo is a social dating app that focuses on personality-first matchmaking, where being yourself is the key to finding the right person. Users can discover more about themselves and find potential matches by answering a short personality quiz.

After completing this 4-question quiz, users can see their strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, allowing them to intelligently start looking for potential matches. 

While personality is key, the platform prioritises choice. While Boo will recommend matches that demonstrate personality compatibility, users have the power to explore different types of relationships and discover what works for them.

The platform has certain ‘Universes’ based around topics such as music, movies, food, and gaming. Users can see others’ posts in these universes and connect with like-minded people accordingly.

In addition to this, Boo offers users personalised dating advice. To fill singles with confidence, the platform can give users the tools to create new connections by understanding their personality types. 

After finding a romantic partner, Boo wants users to return to further develop their social circle. The platform says this commitment to long-term success sets it apart from other dating apps on the market.

The platform is launching initially among college students and graduates in New York City and Los Angeles, with plans to expand nationally and internationally over the next three years.

Find out more about Boo by visiting its website here.

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