Brazil’s Dating App Kidnapping Problem

9 out of 10 kidnappings in Sao Paulo, Brazil over the past year started as dating app meet ups, according to the city’s police force. Authorities say men between 30 and 65 years old are the primary targets for these crimes.

Rest of World explored this issue, highlighting what’s become known as ‘Tinder Robberies’ in the country. Many individuals on dating apps have become fearful, changing their behaviour as a result of the crimes.

Singles told Rest of World that they now verify their date’s identity on social media platforms and meet them in public places. They have also grown suspicious, with some middle-aged men questioning why younger women are flirting with them very directly.

The kidnappings have come as a result of two major tech adoptions in society, dating apps and mobile payment tools. Dating apps are used to lure victims out, and then kidnappers will extract money from the victim’s phones using QR-enabled mobile payment.

The trend is happening across multiple dating platforms, including Grindr and the LGBTQ+ community. 

You can find Rest of World’s full investigation at this link.

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