Departing Tinder CPO Brian Norgard Looks Forward in Blog Post

Departing Tinder CPO Brian Norgard has published a blog post reflecting on his time at the company.

The post, titled Beyond Swipes and Super Likes, describes what’s next for the entrepreneur.

Norgard says he is set to make more investments in the Bay Area, giving guidance to startups on product and other topics.

He celebrates the launch of the crypto mining device Coinmine, and makes a note of his investment in the young company Secfi.

Secfi is a “pre-wealth advisor”, offering stock options advice and other services. Its clients include Uber, Lyft, airbnb and docker.

Andrew Rudmann, another former Tinder employee, will be joining Norgard to explore “new product opportunities”.

The blog post looks back on some of the innovations at Tinder over the past few years, noting Gold and Places among many others.

It closes by saying: “What I am most proud of is not our soaring financial success, though that sure is fun  – or the millions of people we helped find love –  but rather the relationships I fostered with my teammates.“

We worshipped our customer, played the role of the underdog and worked obsessively to hold the line. It’s one for the history books.”

During his time at Tinder, the CPO appeared at GDI London 2017 and GDI LA 2018. He was also featured in the 2018 GDI Power Book.

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Scott Harvey

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