Bumble Adds ‘Reproductive Rights’ Badge

After a judge in Texas decided to restrict access to abortion medication, dating app Bumble has spoken out in support of women’s reproductive rights. The platform will now enable users to have a ‘reproductive rights’ badge on their profile to display support.

In a recent LinkedIn post, the dating brand wrote “ We at Bumble are deeply disappointed by the April 7 ruling in which one judge in Texas, who has made no secret of his agenda, has decided to halt access to Mifepristone. Mifepristone is a safe, effective abortion medication and has been in use for over two decades.”

Stating their belief that abortion should be protected as a right, Bumble shared that family planning is key to equality for all. 

“At this critical time, we are asking our corporate peers to join us in unequivocally supporting equal rights for their employees and their customers to make their own reproductive choices”, Bumble continued.

The company said it would continue supporting employees who seek access to healthcare services. It would also make a financial contribution to the Repro Legal Defense Fund, which funds bail and supports people who are investigated, arrested, or prosecuted for self-managed abortion.

The new badge displaying support for reproductive rights is a way for users to also show their belief in abortion access, Bumble explained.

“We will continue to speak up. We won’t go back”, Bumble concluded.

Featured image from Bumble’s LinkedIn page.

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