Bumble Appoints First-Ever General Manager

The Bumble app has appointed Drena Kusari to be its first-ever General Manager. She will manage the app’s business globally across its dating, friendship, and business features.

Kusari was previously the General Manager and Vice President at Lyft. In a recent statement, Bumble highlights that Kusari has been involved with charitable and philanthropic causes, including the growth of women in tech.

“Bumble is a company that I have admired for a long time, and I am thrilled to be a part of this mission-driven team that’s passionate about empowering women at this crucial moment”, said Kusari.

“Bumble has a world-class team and a diverse group of leaders that I’m excited to partner with to help accelerate Bumble’s strategy of driving safe and kind user engagement”, she continued.

Kusari also shared that since joining Bumble, she’s created a profile on the friend-finding and business networking features. She hopes that this will encourage users to share feedback with her, which can then drive further innovation. 

Image from Bumble’s website. 

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