Bumble Bans Mirror Selfies With New Set Of Photo Moderation Rules

Bumble has introduced a set of photo moderation tools designed to cut down on pictures like mirror selfies.

The decision comes after the startup collected feedback and data around certain types of photos.

The swiping app found that the photos most often swiped left are mirror selfie pics, and 86% of reported profiles include mirror selfie photos.

So the company decided to build a set of photo moderation rules for the app’s entire user base, taking in a range of different issues and types of photos.

The rules include that no pictures of children are allowed on the app, unless they are accompanied in the photo by an adult.

You can also only post photos of you wearing bikinis and swimwear if you are outside, but not inside, as “it’s too similar to underwear”.

In fact, users are now banned from sending photos of themselves in their underwear in a private chat, without the other user’s consent.

Other rules added to Bumble include that your face must be visible in a photo, no watermarks or overlaid text is allowed, and that you should include some solo photos alongside your group friend shots.

Speaking about the new rules, Bumble said: “The new photo moderation rules aren’t our effort to be the prude police, but rather a way to ensure that everyone has the experience we’ve promised: a safe, friendly place to meet new people. Bumble is not a place to go to act differently than you would IRL.”

Bumble said the new rules were created for everyone, no matter their gender, sexual identity of preferences.

Read more about the update here.